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Powernet is meant to solve a critical need, so from the outset we have been establishing key allies to ensure rapid adoption of the technologies develop. SLAC, the U.S. Navy, Google and the University of Florida are our research partners.

In time, we will team up with manufacturers of home batteries, solar panels and other residential energy devices on technical compatibility; with companies that could commercialize our devices; and with grid operators and utilities to integrate with our Cloud Coordinator. Making the core control and optimization algorithms open source will create a platform that many private companies can further develop and customize.

Internally, as part of the project, we will perform cost-benefit analyses of Powernet under several use cases. Based on actual data, the formal method will quantify Powernet’s value.

Industry and academic advisory boards:

Powernet's advisory boards ensure that our work is geared toward practical, scalable, economical and scientifically sound solutions.

The initial entities participating in the industry advisory board include:

The academic advisory board comprises:

  • Steven Low, Caltech
  • Munther Dahleh, MIT
  • Pravin Varaiya, UC-Berkeley
  • Anjan Bose, Washington State University